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Launched at the 21st International AIDS conference, the Journal of the International AIDS Society is pleased to announce the publication of the special issue entitled ‘HIV epidemics among transgender populations: the importance of a trans-inclusive response’. The articles in this special issue cover a wide range of topics focusing on the unique concerns of transgender communities. This supplement was guest edited by Tonia Poteat (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health), JoAnne Keatley (Center of Excellence for Transgender Health), Rose Wilcher (FHI360/LINKAGES Project), and Chloe Schwenke (Georgetown University).

Transgender people are disproportionately affected by HIV, and yet they are underrepresented in the global HIV response. In addition to high HIV prevalence, transgender people experience stigma, violence and human rights abuses which hinder their access to care and increase their risk for HIV-related morbidity.

This supplement expands the evidence base on HIV among transgender populations and aims to make the latest research widely accessible–to better enable funders, policymakers, and implementers around the world to develop HIV policies and programs based on the most current trans-specific knowledge. The studies present new epidemiological and behavioral data addressing HIV risk and prevalence, as well as document progress and gaps in implementing HIV programs with trans communities. These studies represent research and programmatic efforts from a range of geographic and social contexts. A much needed focus is also provided on specific sub-populations such as transgender youth and transgender men who have sex with men. The supplement comprises original research articles, case studies, and calls to action, all of which highlight the urgent need for an effective, tailored HIV response for transgender communities.
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