EpiC Brings Happiness: A Photostory from the EpiC project in Central Asia

EpiC Kyrgyzstan supports people with a higher likelihood of exposure to HIV or who are already living with HIV and offers client-centered services to keep people healthy, happy, and able to pursue their dreams. One of EpiC’s priority services is HIV testing. After receiving a test result, clients are offered different services depending on their needs. 

When Kristina tested positive for HIV, she was referred to the Anti-Stigma community organization supported by EpiC. Peer navigators offered HIV testing for her partner with her consent. Her partner, Nikita, was also diagnosed with HIV. Thanks to Anti-Stigma, they both started life-saving treatment and have achieved viral suppression.

Kristina and her husband Nikita have a young son. He was born without HIV because his parents started taking ART after they were diagnosed with HIV and they had achieved viral suppression. Kristina and Nikita are happy and healthy and dream of getting a driver’s license and becoming city taxi drivers! 

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