Event Date

Jul 18–Jul 21


The EpiC and LINKAGES projects are excited to be participating in IAS 2021, where our staff and partners will share innovative practices and programmatic evidence on a range of topics, including PrEP scale-up, decentralized ART distribution, differentiated testing modalities, and effective adaptations of HIV services during the COVID-19 pandemic, among others. Learn more by checking out the following presentations!

Oral Presentations

Going online to ensure uninterrupted HIV services during COVID-19 in Nepal
Presenter: Kiran Bam, FHI 360, Nepal

Increasing efficiency in HIV testing services for prison inmates through the use of risk assessment: experience from EpiC Nigeria
Presenter: Chidubem Oraelosi, FHI 360, Nigeria

Key population lay providers can successfully link clients to care after diagnosing sexually transmitted infections in community-based organizations in Thailand
Presenter: Narukjaporn Thammajaruk, IHRI, Thailand

Acceptability and satisfaction of self-collection for chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing among transgender women in the Tangerine Clinic in Thailand: shifting towards new normal
Presenter: Akarin Hiransuthikul, IHRI, Thailand

Preference of long-acting injectable pre-exposure prophylaxis among transgender women clients of the Tangerine Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand
Presenter: Linrada Himma, IHRI, Thailand

Evaluating the integration of telehealth in response to COVID-19 into a differentiated same-day antiretroviral initiation service in Bangkok, Thailand
Presenter: Sorawit Amatavete, IHRI, Thailand

Poster Presentations

Using private pharmacies for decentralized distribution of antiretroviral therapy: Early lessons from seven sub-Saharan African countries
Lead author: Lirica Nishimoto, FHI 360, United States

Rapid scale-up of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis for key populations: Experience from the PEPFAR/USAID-funded EpiC Project
Lead author: Christopher Akolo, FHI 360, United States

PrEP increases demand for HIV services among higher-risk key populations in Ghana
Lead author: Tiffany Lillie, FHI 360, Ghana

Unassisted and assisted HIV self-testing among female sex workers, men who have sex with men, and priority populations before and during COVID-19 and political conflict in Mali
Lead author: Salif Diarra, FHI 360, Mali

Designing a peer-led comprehensive HIV program for transgender persons in Bayelsa State, Nigeria: early lessons from EpiC Nigeria
Lead author: Adaobi Lisa Olisa, FHI 360, Nigeria

How task shifting improved HIV index testing performance in Liberia
Lead author: Gift Kamanga, FHI 360, Liberia

A multipronged strategy to improve viral load testing coverage in Liberia
Lead author: Michael Odo, FHI 360, Liberia

Results from two bio-behavioral surveillance surveys among older MSM in Eswatini
Lead author: Bheki Sithole, FHI 360, Eswatini

Profiling the case characteristics of individuals with recent HIV infection among those newly confirmed HIV-positive in Vietnam
Lead author: Ha Pham, FHI 360, Vietnam

Quality and effectiveness of index testing among individuals with recent HIV infection in Vietnam
Lead author: Van Nguyen, FHI 360, Vietnam

High burden of bacterial sexually transmitted infections among young men who have sex with men and transgender women in Thailand
Lead author: Narukjaporn Thammajaruk, IHRI, Thailand