EpiC recommends that those interested in adapting the materials from this repository consider the following[1]:

  1. Engage partners, program participants or audience, and stakeholders to understand SBC needs and the materials/tools’ alignment and appropriateness in meeting these needs. Quick concept tests of the materials/tools with audiences to ensure understanding, cultural relevance, appeal, and appropriateness is recommended. Some considerations for this review include a review of the material/tools:
    • Words: for amount of information, appropriateness for the audience’s literacy level, accuracy, presentation of concepts, language, and logical flow and order of content. Determine if the content of the material/tools appropriately addresses known determinants of the promoted behavior. Ensure that the messaging is compelling for your audience.
    • Visuals: Ensure that visuals are used to illustrate key points and that they represent the audience, are culturally realistic, and are acceptable to audience members.
    • Format: Decide which formats are most appropriate for your audience. Determine a design style that is easy to follow and attractive. Determine if the length, size, and format of the material is appropriate to the audience or for those using the materials, as in the case of job aids.
  2. Review relevant SBC or social and behavior change communication strategies (national, sub-national, project-level) to ensure alignment of the material/tools’ key messages and information provided. 
  3. If adaptations to the materials or tools are needed, determine the cost required to adapt the materials, develop a creative brief to guide the material adaptation, and test the revised materials/tools with audience members. Share the revised materials/tools with relevant stakeholders and authorities for approval. 
  4. Finalize material/tool revisions; reproduce the materials/tools; and disseminate them. 
  5. Incorporate use and impact of the tools and their related activities as part of your monitoring and evaluation plans. 

[1] FHI 360 C-Change Project. Adapting Materials for Audiences with Lower Literacy Skills.